What’s the Difference Between Metal and Bamboo Sparklers?

TL:DR Metal sparklers are considered smokeless and are ideal for pictures, bamboos sparklers are sometimes the only kind allowed in certain venues.

Sparklers can vary in length, color, effect, shape and material and in this article we focus on material and try to answer the quest, what type of sparkler is best for my event.

There are 2 main types of sparklers, metal core and bamboo / wooden core. Metal core sparklers are the most popular for events such as weddings because the main goal is to capture exciting and vibrant pictures with a minimum of smoke. Because metal does not burn there is very little smoke emitted by metal core sparklers. The downside to metal core sparklers is they get extremely hot and retain that heat for a short period of time.

Bamboo core sparklers are different because the core burns away, which creates a bit more smoke than the metal counterparts. Bamboo sparklers don’t come in as many sizes as metal sparklers however are commonly offered in various colors such as red blue or green effects. While bamboo sparklers are not ideal for weddings and events, some venues such as beach venues, do not allow metal sparklers.

For all sparkler use safety must be considered. Metal sparklers should be given a place to be extinguished such as a bucket of water. Bamboo sparklers will shed some embers, and while not as hot as metal, they should still be given a place to safely discard after use.

We ship both types of sparklers so whichever type you want for your wedding or event, we have you covered.