Shipping outside of the lower 48 and to Mexico is a bit more difficult due to regulations regarding shipping sparklers on planes. So while we can make it happen we need to keep in mind shipping outside the lower 48 and to Mexico takes more time. Here’s the skinny:

Shipping Sparklers to Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico:

Long story short it takes about 3 weeks. Because shipping sparklers on planes for us is logistically impossible we use surface transportation. That means they arrive by boat. Shipping times vary as the boats fill up. Tracking is provided however is not totally accurate in estimations. Please use 3 weeks as a minimum.

Shipping Sparklers to Mexico:

Shipping sparklers to Mexico is actually a bit quicker however for sanity sake we still recommend at least a 3 week advance. Please let your hotel concierge know about the arrival. We will place a label on the box with the Event/Wedding name. Tracking is provided twice, first to the freight forwarder who handles customs and then second within Mexico. The second tracking can be off and may not update until after the order has arrived at its destination. Time between these tracking can take a while which is why we ask for 3 weeks.

3 Weeks

So far we are batting nearly .1000 on arrivals. Mexico is surprisingly reliable and within Mexico we are now confident we can provide an accurate time for Mexico Destination Weddings that want Sparkler Sendoffs. 

As always, contact us with any questions or concerns.

The Wedding Sparklers USA team